Monday, 22 August 2011

Step Aside Operation Rainfall, This Guy Says It Better Than You Ever Could

Okay, so many of us European gamers have sneered at the ill fated attempts of Operation Rainfall to get Nintendo of America onboard and release the Big 3 Stateside. While we recline comfortably on our sofas (probably sipping cocktails) and brandishing the Monado at screen devouring spider bosses all our US partners can do is constantly call, e-mail and in the most extreme cases write letters to Nintendo's customer service workforce who probably would have a hard time picking Mario out from a line up, let alone Xenoblade Chronicles' Shulk. Don't get me wrong I'm all for what they stand for, but its a little poetic justice for Euro gamers after years of being shafted with late and often never appearing releases. Operation Rainfall's pathetic begging and self righteousness as table turning release schedule crusaders is also beginning to wear thin, not to mention clogging up my Facebook wall. My sympathies for the cause wore very thin as the day after the European release of Xenoblade Chronicles, Operation Rainfall patronisingly thanked European gamers for buying the game on their Facebook status and inappropriately patted themselves on the back as though we would have never had the backbone or insight to do it without them, despite Nintendo having confirmed the game's European release way before the germination of Operation Rainfall:

We want to extend a huge thanks to everyone that helped us out today.Thank you, Europe, for purchasing the game (you didn't need us to tell you how awesome this game was!)
Thank you everyone around the world who helped us make a statement to Nintendo of America, we appreciate all the enthusiasm that was shown today for these amazing games.
We can only hope that Nintendo of America took notice as well.
Either way, as gamers, united we stand.

Its for this pathetic outpouring that my sympathies are no longer with our American cousins, I don't want to hear another word about their sterling efforts to the community especially when Pandora's Tower and The Last Story get their 'already' planned European releases later in the year. In the meantime, enjoy the above video. This guy is more persuasive than a million Operation Rainfall followers bothering NOA's frankly indifferent workforce.

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