Monday, 6 February 2012

ThatGameCompany and GameCity 6 Challenge The Idea Of Audience With 'Journey Live' Event

Whilst shooting a short documentary for a friend during this year's GameCity festival I managed to have some down time, during which I went along to Robin Hunicke and ThatGameCompany's 'live performance' of their new game Journey. The experience was an incredibly captivating one, the audience clearly invested in the nomadic world of the nameless protagonist.

Following on from Robin's Performance of Flower at a previous GameCity festival, these performances mark a new, shared experience in video games before a live audience.

Finally a big thanks is due to ThatGameCompany and GameCity for supporting the video on their official Facebook pages.


Sunday, 5 February 2012

Tri Ace Take Handheld Gaming Beyond...The Labyrinth

Big things are not surprisingly expected of Tri Ace's new RPG for the 3DS, the game already having its artistry likened to games such as Ico and A Shadow's Tale.  Aside from the jaw dropping visuals the developers' RPG heritage should also promise well oiled mechanics, intelligent characterisation and dramatic storytelling. Most interesting is the game's experiment in 'breaking of the fourth wall' having the lead character Yorda address you, the player, directly. Tri Ace's RPG credentials, including entries in both the Star Ocean and Final Fantasy series mean this is definitely one to keep an eye on leading up to the official release date.

Yuji Naka Set To Deliver True 'End Of Generation' Gem To The Wii

Until now, details of Yuji Naka's Rodeo: The Sky Soldier had been virtually non existent. There have been no screenshots, no video and no specific details on exactly what Naka's 'very original action game based in the sky' held for hungry Sega fans. That is until now, and the amazing news is that the game is already complete for Nintendo Wii and 3DS, and is in the process of being distributed through Prope.

Rodeo: The Sky Soldier is is a far cry from Naka's 2010 offering Ivy The Kiwi, a well received yet simplistic platform puzzler devoid of the high octane twists, turns, loops and all out speed of Naka's earlier work. But all that is set to change this year with Rodeo.  The trailer not only evoking Naka's signature work, but the in your face blast'em ups of Treasure mixed with the thrills and spills of classic Yu Suzuki. Heck, Naka's not even afraid to take on Team Ico at their own game, having our eponymous hero scale a jaw dropping colossi.

One to book mark your calender for, as soon as a release date is finally attached to this sometime in 2012