Saturday, 3 September 2011

Modelling Card? Check. Glue? Check. Scissors? Check. Craft Knife? Check. Patience Of A Saint? Ahh...

It seems there are a dedicated number of Nintendo fans out there for whom the 3D wizardry of the 3DS just wasn't 3D-ey enough. (Still with me?). These papercrafters, as they are collectively known, prefer to swap polygons for paper to recreate authentic real world models of their favourite Nintendo characters. There is a whole scene of papercrafting, and it is not just limited to Nintendo. Pretty much anything it seems can be crafted from paper. Everything from scale recreations of Digital SLR cameras to complex Gundam mech robots have been made by this ardent band of cutting and folding devotees. Papercrafting is the true evolution of the ancient art of Origami, and something you may even want to try for yourself after we take a look at the best of the Nintendo papercraft models out there.

All these papercraft models have been made by priniting the individual pieces on modelling card and piecing them together following detailed instructions. Lots more Nintendo Papercraft examples and the resources to print the models for yourself to try (Lets face it, that Fox McCloud model, standing at an envy inducing 50cm, is the closest any of us are going to get to owning the Fox McCloud puppet of the original SNES art) can be found at the following blogs:

Finally here are a couple of videos showing you the (painstakingly animated) process involved in creating the Super Smash Bros. Brawl Super Mario model and the jewel in the crown of Nintendo papercraft. This incredible life size Super Smash Bros. Brawl Link. Enjoy.

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