Monday, 17 October 2011

Who Needs A Flashy 80s Hydraulic Arcade Cabinet When You Can Do This In Your Living Room

Developers Sabarasa have made one of the balliest moves yet on Nintendo's undersubscribed Wii Ware service. Their new on rails shooter Horizon Riders employing not only the Wii Zapper but the criminally underused Balance Board to pilot your lone merc against a planet under military control from a maniacal Artificial Intelligence. Wowsers. The game looks like a blast, and is an incredibly inventive move from the fledgling developers to employ so many of the console's peripherals that are surely gathering dust in cupboards and attics across the world. This heavy reliance on hardware however seems to be being met with opposition from more economically challenged players, the standard control method tasking you with navigating via gyroscope controls whilst aiming with the Wii remote. But Soiboughtalllthesegames tips our cap to Sabarasa for trying to inject something new into this niche genre. Who knows maybe one day we'll be able to play the cancelled Dreamcast Space Harrier sequel Planet Harriers this way. Afterall there's no way you can get one of those original arcade cabinets in your living room without taking a few walls out. Welcome to the Fantasy Zone? I think I'm living in it.

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