Monday, 21 May 2012

Hang About...Haven't I Been Here Before? The Wonderful World Of Video Game Cartography

Save for a few brave soles who would diligently scribble down in pencil, each and every room from their favourite video games of the 80s and 90s, before inking it all in with biro, adding some flourishes of colour with their best felt tips and eventually posting off their creations to the 'usual address' of their favourite computer gaming monthly, the world of video game cartography has rarely been explored, unravelled or appreciated. That is until now...

Thanks to the sterling efforts of the people over at every single nook and cranny from your favourite 8-bit, 16-bit and even some 32 and 64-bit games has been chronicled, stitched together and laid out for your eyes to feast on, and quite a sight it is too. Ever wondered what the whole of the inside of Dracula's Castle looks like? Or just how long Yoshi's Island really is? Or what is just out of view on those glossy tree tops in Donkey Kong Country? Well all these answers and more are waiting for you over at

It is a highly recommended site, not only for those perilious video game explorers who need a handy hint, or the location of that elusive power up. But simply as a distraction to whatever it is you are supposed to be doing today, and a chance to really appreciate the level design of many of the greats of video gaming. Put the kettle on, grab a handful of your favourite biscuits, and spend half an hour taking in a fresh perspective of worlds you have no doubt visited countless times before...Go deserve it.

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