Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Oh No, He's Ranting Again

I'm sorry, but I have to share my frustrations with you. Some game collectors actually make me swear at my computer. I don't know who's worse, them and their ridiculous little worlds or me for discovering their ridiculous little worlds. The last time I felt like this I had found a forum thread with pictures of a guy's horrid little pokey bedroom, probably in his mum's house, that showed you his ramshackle collection of consoles sat on an old chip board hi fi unit, challenging the reader to comment on his set up. Like I give a shit. But somebody actually did. He'd actually got into a debate with someone about whether the XBox 360 would look better stood up or on its side, and neither party was taking the piss. Oh and then there was that time that a guy on Youtube reviewed the shape of the Sega Genesis cartridge (???). Here's my review of the Sega Genesis cartridge: Does it fit in the Genesis cartridge slot? Yes. Brilliant, 10/10. And that's already too many words wasted on the topic. So what's got your goat this time Matt? Well it just happens to be a forum topic over at Racketboy's site (don't get me wrong Racketboy's site is an incredibly well researched and invalauble resource) entitled: How to properly wind up controller wires?

Just think about that for a second...


Here's how: Round your neck really tight. Idiot. Don't believe me? Knock yourself out:

Actually Depressing Update: Really sorry but there's more and an inexplicable urge to share it with you. These forum threads are strangely addictive. The worst thing about this one? This guy's really depressing lack of just general tidiness or a pride in his living quarters. Who actually lives like this? I have a lot of video games but I would never let it get to this? Its like someone asking you what you thought of their kitchen, then showing you a picture of said kitchen that had just been left for months, no washing, nothing clean, dried egg on the surfaces, bits of mould on top of old glasses of orange squash. I couldn't care less about other people's games collections at the best of times. But when they are presented like this:

Anyone else imagining his place smells faintly of ketchup? But still they comment, virtually patting this fool on the back and offering pleasantries about how to clean up after himself with storage solutions. These folk are weird. But you don't need to take my word for it...

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