Friday, 10 June 2011

Starfox 64 Finds A New Voice On 3DS...Literally

Fanboys and girls appear to be up in arms again at the release of Nintendo's latest trailer for Starfox 64 3D. What's the matter this time? Well their precious voice actors have been rerecorded and sound slightly different from the original game. OK, I have to confess I do have a soft spot for the original voice cast and admit a certain element of nostalgia will be lost without them. But its not as bad as the teenage contingency of Youtube are making out. Afterall, no one seems to mind the graphical overhaul of these remakes, but try to upgrade the sound quality and the Youtube furore quickly spirals from being slightly dismayed at Nintendo to race hate and bigotry towards anyone not from White Middle America. Other new improvements to the original include full motion controls via the 3DS system, meaning you can pilot your Arwing by moving the console alone. Another neat little touch is a live feed from the internal 3DS camera showing as an icon above your competitors in multiplayer battle mode. Nothing like seeing the actual frustration on your friend's face as you tear his Arwing to pieces with laser blasts. Do a barrel roll!

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