Wednesday, 8 June 2011

You've Really Got To Take Your Hat Off To Nintendo

OK, OK. So we've all seen the keynote speech, marvelled at the new controller, wondered what Nintendo has in store for us in the glossy hardcore HD future and looked slightly bemused at the lacklustre redesign of the original white box. So I'm not gonna talk about any of that here when hundreds of others have said it better and in more depth elsewhere on the internet. But nobody has yet reported on the absolute genius of the Wii U's marketing strategy. Many scoffed at Nintendo for roping in granny, mum, dad and the kids for a family afternoon of Mario Kart followed by a slightly sanitised, and decidedly unsweaty work out regime. But boy do they have the big boys by the balls now. Nintendo's strategy is simple:

She likes Zumba Fitness, He Likes Call Of Duty

Nuff said. Here's looking at the indispensable video game system of the future. What? You didn't see that coming Sony and Microsoft? No none of us did. So here's to Nintendo and its recapturing of the hardcore, and the retention of your new found audience. Afterall when they told you last year that Mario has been 'part of the family since 1985' you believed them didn't you? That's not how it went down in my house in the 80s, we didn't even have a Nintendo, I say we, my family had no bloody interest in my Commodore 64.

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