Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Capcom's Resi Evil 15th Anniversary Celebrations Shame Mario's 25th...

Capcom's celebrations for their 15th anniversary of the Grandaddy of digital horror are well and truly underway. With new and old titles crawling out to wave their rotten limbs in the air in celebration. On 3DS we can expect: Mercernaries and Revelations. Titles that Capcom say use original assets from the HD consoles, proving the power under the hood of the new handheld. For download we can also expect HD remakes of Code Veronica X and series highlight Resident Evil 4. Plus this new gem from developers Slant Six Games who promise to deliver an online, multiplayer experience set in Resident Evil 2's Raccoon City, the story running alongside that of the original. In the words of the developers themselves they want the player 'to feel that if they had arrived at the same locations in the original Resident Evil 2 just 5 minutes earlier or later, that they would have seen the characters and events of Operation Raccoon City unfolding'. Beat that Mario and your aged Super Nes re-release. Shame.

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