Thursday, 7 April 2011

Predictably Bizarre European Name Change: Game 0005

Marvel Land for some strange reason has something of a following, enough of one to see its release on the Virtual Console Arcade in Japan. But it never really captivated me. Its stinks of a third rate Mario clone, unashamedly borrowing elements from Nintendo's level design, characters and game mechanics but with none of the refinement.

It occasionally shows moments of flair with highlights such as a high speed platform section aboard an out of control rollercoaster, rudimentary but none the less impressive Megadrive sprite rotation effects and splashes of bold presentation in the boss battle mini games. Long before 'mini games' became all hip again.

As it stands Marvel Land on the Megadrive was a reasonably faithful conversion of an already aging coin op. Today it doesn't offer much when compared with the modern evolution of the platform genre.

Favourite Moment: Defeating any of the boss mini games, sees you catching falling stars for points as you jump over monuments of past Namco Characters lit up like Vegas Casinos.

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