Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Unboxing Helena

Unboxing videos rile the shit out of me. If you're a collector like me, then you know the videos I'm talking about. Its OK to admit you've watched them, I won't judge. I hate them, and I'm still watching them. Aside from giving you a glimpse of the ghastly shit these people buy (afterall anything that comes in a box bigger than you're bathroom sink and has the words COLLECTORS EDITION stamped on it is anything but) they are incredible insights into the lives of these lost individuals. I recently stumbled upon this fella who made my week. Just take a look at this bread loaf haired wazzok, going by the fear inducing moniker: Decayedmatter. Oooooooh. Now we're scared. What's interesting about this guy is that he's brought his girlfriend along. Smashing that fourth wall of geekdom to prove that shrink wrapped hunks of the Earth's precious resources aren't the only thing that gets his blood pumping. His air of smugness is brilliantly played off against her sheer lack of interest. I tell you with subtle interplay like this, Shakespeare better be taking notes:

Some months later a slightly less smug and seemingly more vunerable Decayedmatter posted this rather telling solo unboxing. A new haircut, a solumnly low volume, an air of frustration to his box handling and a decidely washed out colour pallette. Hope everything is OK with those two:

Awwwww. Don't it make your heart bleed.

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