Thursday, 26 May 2011

Joe Mushashi In The Third Dimension. Lets Hope That Means A 3D Shuriken Firing Bonus Stage

Fresh from Youtube, comes this supposedly 'leaked' trailer for the new Shinobi title on Nintendo 3DS. Complete with burnt in timecode and file name of Shinobi_Trailer Smacks of a marketing stunt most fanboys and girls would wet the bed over. But what do I care? What it means to me is a brand new instalment of my favourite franchise ever. In 1987, when I was 9 years old, nothing mattered to me except racing around on my BMX, playing computer games and practising the ancient art of Ninjitsu in the local nature reserve, no surprise then that the original arcade Shinobi just seemed to speak to me, and sowed the seeds of a 24 year (minus the odd dud in the canon) love affair. Lets just hope developers Griptonite and Sega have had the foresight to take the gameplay back to its side scrolling, ninja magic casting, two tiered, action roots. And listen Sega, I'm really not joking about the 3D shuriken throwing bonus stage. You'd be fools not to. That is all.

Update: Digging around the internet I found this tantalising screenshot:

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