Monday, 23 May 2011

Stop Press: PS2 'All Star Fighters' Stars None Other Than Giant Pin Up: Riho Futaba

My time spent with Tamsoft's Demolition Girl this weekend (see review below) has left me yearning for more of Riho Futaba and her crazy monster life in Tokyo. Digging around Youtube I found this clip of All Star Fighters. A Playstation 2 budget beat em up that stars many of the characters from D3 Publisher's Simple 2000 series published in Japan. A number of these titles were localised to Europe by 505 Games Street often loosing content from a squeeze of the original game down to a size that would fit on CD to make costs even cheaper and no longer under the Simple 2000 moniker. The game looks like great fun, sort of Marvel Vs. Capcom for B-game characters. In the clip you can watch Riho fight Aya, bikini zombie slayer of Onechanbara fame and an E.D.F. foot soldier from the Earth Defense Force series. The eBay hunt begins.

Update: Managed to bag a brand new copy of All Star Fighters from Amazon for £9.99. Sweet deal. So expect a review of the game in the coming weeks. Also found that Riho Futaba has been moonlighting in a second PS2 title: Fighting Angels is an all female wrestling game from D3 Publisher. Jeez that girl gets around. This game was a staggering 25p on Amazon. Woah! See a video of the action at this link:

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