Saturday, 21 May 2011

Plan 9 From Way Out East: Game 0009

Just as B-movies came to the fore as an opposition to the glitzy, high budget, Hollywood studio fare of the 50s, in recent years we have seen a trickle of B-games being released far from the front lines of the mainstream video game marketplace. This sub-genre has its pioneers in designers like Swery and Suda 51 the self styled 'cult' directors of interactive entertainment. And much like the handful of directors of those old B-pictures that have endured, this new wave of gamemakers are fast becoming regarded as the medium's auteurs. While no such praise should be showered at developer Tamsoft, Demolition Girl's attempts at subverting the sci-fi/monster movie genre, its acute Japanese sensibilities and its fine line between intentional and accidental humour display all the trademarks of this recently applauded subgenre.

Demolition Girl (barely) tells the story of pin up model Riho Futaba, who after being bitten by a tiny alien on a photoshoot (?) has grown to a seven storey giant intent on laying waste to Tokyo, firing Hadoukens at you and taking every opportunity to show you her bikini clad, hill sized jiggling breasts and hillock sized wiggling ass. Did I mention it was Japanese? You play the army and its your job to gather information on the creature, subdue her and ultimately defend Miss Futaba from an imminent alien invasion intent on destroying oversized bikini models and the rest of the world (probably).

Fans of similar B-game titles Mr. Moskeeto and the Earth Defense Force series will know what to expect from this ridiculous yet charming slice of fanciful Japanese culture. The game displaying genuine moments of comedy that often overshadow the rather cumbersome control layout. One such stand out scene involves measuring the size of Riho's breasts. Fortunately your helicopter is fitted with a double barrelled giant breast sized measuring ray. Thank heavens. Its impossible not to take the whole game with a pinch of salt and the promise of ever more ludicrous scenarios from the six missions on offer is enough to keep you glued to your pad. This isn't Shakespeare, but when you're tasked with measuring boobs, injecting a giant woman in the ass, fighting off alien skull caps and dogfighting aliens to save a subdued, helicopter winched Miss Futaba, who cares?

While not in the same league as the modern works of the B-game auteurs. Demolition Girl throws some interesting ideas into the mix with a wry smile and it may just become a title with some historical significance if the B-Game genre continues to gather momentum.

Favourite Moment: In order to aid in measuring our bulging bikini model's parts the army have issued you with special weapons. A pull of the L1 trigger fires a huge bomb capsule, bursting to reveal a sports stadium sized slice of strawberry cake. That'll slow her down, all girls love cake, right?

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